The Avalon Lvl II Holster (M&P X300)

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Behold Avalon! Our level II holster similar to the scabbard described in Arthurian legends, to protect its wearer and your gear. For those who need an extra layer of retention for your weapon, the Avalon comes equipped with a level 2 hood that is released by a thumb break. 

The Avalon was designed in mind to fit several attachments including the: Safariland UBL, G-Code RTI, and several Bladetech accessories. The Avalon is compatible with weapons equipped with red dot sights, includes adjustable retention , and features an open muzzle to accommodate aftermarket accessories and various muzzle devices. 

Crafted from .08 Kydex.

Fits both first and second gen M&P 9/40, holster is designed to cover both the light and slide completely. 

X300 compatible variants X300U-A X300U-B X300V-A X300V-B (Not compatible with the X300UH)

This is a light compatible holster so the light must be pared with the firearm otherwise the holster will not function properly.